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    When it comes to getting a new knife. It may seem like a daunting process. It is about investing your money in something that you already know. Anyone will always support a brand that has some values. The brand was started in 1968, Guy Hogue started his company making the gun grips from a small LA garage. There are around 100% made in USA products which are a real bargain which you can invest your faith in. Hogue knives give quality and integrity as a first alongside the commitment to excellence which is pervasive from the top to bottom.



    The product


    When Hogue entered the market, they were very dominating. And they made the best gun grips that were worth their money. They partnered with acclaim knife designer, Allen elishewitz to get started on the right foot. Manual, automatic, OTF, BOOT knife and more. All such knives offer a blade for any type of a taste. Unique details come in an affordable and functional package.


    The CA legal A01 microswitch is one of the best automatic knives in the market as of now. A perfect locking mechanism is found on most of their model to add a layer of utility. 154CM blade steel has got a very nice edge even under abuse. It is however easy to maintain with the sharpening of our choice. Our personal favorite knife is the EX-A01 with the milled aluminum handle scales and it even has the button lock mechanism.




    In case you are very much familiar with Hogue knives. It may be hard to believe but every element of this manufacturing process lives in the US. There may be many resources like a contract, export work to many different countries. Hogue is totally committed to investing in the USA. There are a lot of resources but as we know success rarely comes from taking the path which is easy so it is nice for us that they worked on a different path.


    Even the brand had it executed all well. They have totally transformed something from a raw stock to a nicely finished product. They maintain a very tight tolerance on every step. Function is born from experience. When you take such knives out in the field, you feel you have some experience in hand.




    Right from the design to the process of execution. Everything is made with utmost beautiful design in the USA. All of it would be for would have never been possible without a family serving as the backbone. The founder Guy Hogue’s original vision and philosophy are carried on today due to the fact that the owners were never afraid to get their hands dirty. It happens during the manufacturing process. Since the brand started in Los Angeles garage and is now a place for two massive production facilities.

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